Tried Peeing In A Urinal.  

utfrangrl 45F  
22952 posts
8/30/2019 1:06 pm
Tried Peeing In A Urinal.

Tried Peeing In A Urinal.
It is a whole lot easier for a to take a pee in a urinal. For us women it is not easy to do. I know because I tested it out.

Farling1 64M  
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8/30/2019 1:09 pm

I already know that you are fun at a party ..... add adventurous and creative ....... and just plain silly .... lol love it


Homemadehealthy replies on 8/30/2019 1:17 pm:
She seems like a real good time!!

Homemadehealthy 52M
30 posts
8/30/2019 1:17 pm

Well done!! Gotta appreciate the effort!

fightfire365 49M
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8/30/2019 1:19 pm

Nice try and nice piercing

1seeking1 54F
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8/30/2019 1:20 pm

A for effort, find sqatting over toilet easier. 😉

DiscoverMidlife 53M
123 posts
8/30/2019 1:21 pm

well you took a walk in our shoes...LoL

architecty 68M
110 posts
8/30/2019 1:22 pm

There are a few things, Fran, that we do not need to know about and this is one of them.

DExploringCPL 49M/57F
11 posts
8/30/2019 1:22 pm

Nice try!

nhbiguy2018 54M  
148 posts
8/30/2019 1:38 pm

Try using my mouth next time.

biJuliegirl 36F  
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8/30/2019 2:00 pm

Love the way you have naughty fun Fran. You are

Kyguy568 51M
59 posts
8/30/2019 2:07 pm

Fran, I’m not into water sports, but I would allow you to use my mouth like the urinal just to lick your beautiful pussy.

ItsThtPervertGuy 39M
236 posts
8/30/2019 2:09 pm

This was funny!! You are a freak to.Pretty pussy to! I LIKE IT!!

rubymn 49F  
303 posts
8/30/2019 2:09 pm

You're doing it wrong. There are tutorials online for how to pee standing up.

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Desir4Fire 44M
1984 posts
8/30/2019 2:12 pm

It can be done, youare just at a bad angle.,

thickydicky22 61M
172 posts
8/30/2019 2:44 pm

Im glad you didn't have to take a dump

PhilAbustR 56M
21 posts
8/30/2019 3:22 pm

You’ve come a long way baby. 😏

sttm355 68M  
18 posts
8/30/2019 3:52 pm

You'd also find it easier if you're not holding a camera! We men find it helpful guiding the stream by not attempting it hands-free! That tends to annoy our urinal trough neighbors.

heregoes95 48M
113 posts
8/30/2019 4:50 pm

stand and deliver

spguy2014 30M
31 posts
8/30/2019 5:03 pm

haha i saw this happen one night at the county fair, everyone was drinking and she couldnt wait in the girls line anymore

Sexczy69 64M
2041 posts
8/30/2019 5:09 pm

Looks like you needed a helping hand?

Virgo0893 26M
2187 posts
8/30/2019 6:18 pm

Nice effort n beautiful pussy

CleavageFan4U 62M  
58995 posts
8/30/2019 6:36 pm

You need to try peeing on my face!

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LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3532 posts
8/30/2019 9:21 pm

For hygiene's sake, I hope you cleaned it BEFORE you peed in it, as most men miss as much as they hit into one, note puddles on floor under them !

Shifgrethor 64M
589 posts
8/31/2019 11:39 am

There are funnels made specifically for women to use to collect and aim their urine stream. These funnels are used in the military and in active sports such as rock climbing where it can be impossible to find a toilet or place to squat.

YourGoodLukCharm 60M
38 posts
8/31/2019 12:25 pm

Was going to comment on the funnels like the previous commenter. My girlfriend got one of these & she loves it. Comes with it's own carry bag & is made from soft silicone. Great item to have out in nature, a festival or concert when the Honeyhuts are starting to get gnarly. Truly worthy item if you enjoy the outdoors & need to be discreet. Guys aren't expecting a woman to be peeing standing up when you can look like you're taking a photo or a call. Just helps to either have a zipper in your pants, a skirt or dress, or somewhat loose shorts so your ass isn't exposed out in public. REI stocks several versions of them & Amazon has a ton of different designs as well. Good luck & watch the rim, sadly some guys have a pretty bad aim.

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