** How about you? 👅👄😻😲👀  

pal334 65M  
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8/13/2019 5:37 am

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8/15/2019 3:51 pm

** How about you? 👅👄😻😲👀

What is your favorite vacation place? Or what would be your fantasy vacation? Seaside,, the mountains,, Casino destination? Where was you favorite vacation?

As many of the viewers will remember, I was recently in Puerto Rico and I have vacationed there for many years so I guess that is my favorite. The shame is that they were hit by that devastating hurricane several years ago and are struggling to recovery. And to top it off they have gone through 3 Governors or Governor appointees within a week . Hopefully things will get corrected soon so I can go back.

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pal334 65M  
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8/13/2019 5:43 am

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The sights, sounds make it such a fun beach experience [image]

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GrassLakeMike 67M
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8/13/2019 6:15 am

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Great pictures, my dream vacation is going to Alaska

FehrHaven123 37F  
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8/13/2019 6:55 am

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A hot tropical beach.. clean sand, orange juice, palm trees.. and, clothes optional.

Beavertraxx 58F  
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8/13/2019 7:04 am

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Yes, the beach. And I agree with the clothes optional choice.. Or, at least the freedom to go topless. White tan lines around the chest look terrible.
LaJolla in California, Key West, Santa Barbara... yummm.

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sweet_VM 61F  
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8/13/2019 7:31 am

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Maybe you will get back there soon. Mexico is my favourite place to vacation hugs V

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pocogato12 67F  
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8/13/2019 8:27 am

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My favorite trip was the 8 days running around the UK. Loved wales and Edinburgh. Second best was the trip to Scotland for 10 days. But it wold seem I keep gravitating to New Mexico. Notice that I live on the coast so my trips seem to go inland

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scott6250 56M
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8/13/2019 8:38 am

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For me it would be a forested area near a nice lake away from people.

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Tmptrzz 56F  
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8/13/2019 10:09 am

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I have always wanted to go on a Cruise to the Bahamas but I don't think I will ever get to enjoy that kind of vacation in this life time. So I would settle for a nice vacation on the beach in a wonderful little bungalow on the beach. I hope they get things worked out in Puerto Rico before you go back there, so much turmoil going on there right now. I hope you have a terrific day..

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misskissin 55F  
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8/13/2019 3:22 pm

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Those poor people deserve so much better assist. Just disgusting.

I love Florida, or parts of it.... But really love seeing new places too.

Annie_V 49F  
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8/13/2019 11:38 pm

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That looks like a fabulous place

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sweet_VM 61F  
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8/15/2019 7:35 am

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A very sexy lady Pal. Hugs V

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SeaGirlFL 55F
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8/17/2019 8:12 pm

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My favorite vacation spot is the beach. Though, I haven't been in far too long.

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