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So what have I learned?
Posted:Aug 24, 2019 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2020 7:22 pm

Hello Ladies and gentlemen, This is going to be a long one…

What have I learned? Why am I posting this? Why put forth the effort on a site like this? Well mostly for catharsis, I suppose. Maybe this info will help totally new and virgin members better deal with what is to come and help them better navigate their way through this place and possibly give perspective to some existing members. So, lets get on with it.

Well within my first month of being here I've learned a lot. Just like so many times in life, things aren’t always what they seem. That much always holds true no matter what the situation and where it applies.

The Facts of Site

I’ve learned the following things:
!!Warning. Clown math incoming. These are observations and rough guesses at best. Forgive the inaccuracy of the data but it’s used to emphasize points and scale!!
This site is probably roughly 60%-66% or so males and the remaining 40%-33% Is a mix of women, couples and Trans members.

This one is kinda obvious but means that there are going to be more men then women on the site. That means that women are going to get several times more messages than men (generally speaking, unless you fall into the very attractive category. more on that later), IMs, request, buckets, upon buckets of dick pics, etc and I’d imagine this gets a bit annoying.

A fact of life is: the more attractive you are, the more opportunities you’ll have. I am an entrepreneur and I’ve worked in many fields in my travels across the world. To name a few: volunteering, marketing, sales, promotional work, construction, cleric/office, technician for military clientele, general technician, manual and general labor. What I learned is that pretty faces go places.

I wasn’t blessed with the attractiveness of a male model so I know I’m in the “average joe” or “secondary/tertiary ” category which means regardless of how fun, outgoing, charming and unique of a person I am (and what’s left of friends and anyone that knows me can tell you that I am one of a kind .) It will be hard to just about impossible for me to find a connection here just on looks alone. I have to really stand out and wow these ladies that are already overwhelmed with request, messages and buckets upon, buckets of dick pics. It’s a sad truth and maybe even unfair but you know what? Life is unfair. Hah!

I always try to be courteous and respectful of others. It’s just who I am and how I was raised. I also had to put myself in the place of the ladies here on the site and that gave me even more prospective about what they must go through on a daily basis. So I try to be as respectful, light hearted and courteous as possible when I message them and hope that they will take the time to read it. Even if they aren’t interested I hope it shows them good clean fun and respectable real men are still here. We are just buried underneath all the rubble here.

The type of pictures a member has says a lot about what they are here for and even a bit about their personality if you look carefully. So pay attention to those as well as all the information in their profile. As the old adage goes: “A picture is worth 1000 words”. It is indeed.

Member Types

There are several types of members here I've observed:

Fake profiles – I noticed a pattern with many profiles, structures of the profile, contents of the messages, fields that were completed and 1 picture. Similar types of grammatical mistakes and the type of actions they initiate with members (Flirts with no response or anything else past that)

Abandoned Profiles – Members who probably paid for an extended membership but drama, fakes, flakes, lack of success, weirdos, buckets upon buckets of dick pics, etc and later decided to give up on this place and either vocally or silently stepped away from here without canceling membership or deactivating their profile.

Chatters/Cybersex’ers – They are just here to talk, chat and/or have cybersex. The will never meet you, have no desire to touch or exchange fluids with you. They get off on the mystery, possibilities and their imagination if I had to guess.

Cam girls – Hah. This is the one that first made me recognize there is a pattern and take a closer look at the behavior and routines of others. These girls make profiles, tell you a bit about themselves, wants and what they are “looking for” and to check them out on cam or may only chat/communicate with you on cam. They fire up their cam’s at intervals and if the view count is low or they aren’t getting enough tips or buzz’s on their toys. They shut the stream down for a few, then start it back up a couple of times and if they don’t still get enough, they go offline. Some will chat with you and be polite most will always ask you to tip for cam to cam (c2c) or before they will do anything. Most won’t even try to hold a conversation with you if you are only one of a few ppl in the room. You aren’t worth their time if you aren’t putting out. Then there’s the fact 98%+ (from what I’ve seen) of these women are of Latin/Central /South American origin and have similar setups in terms of rooms, (luv dem Christmas lights in the background ⌐_⌐) and quality in cams.

Real members – This one is self-explanatory, but these are members that are seeking a partner (or 2-5) that meets their criteria for a successful hook up or possibly a friend to get to know before they move forward.

Vouyers – I have no proof of these as you won’t see them. They just sorta look around at profiles, content, videos, photos, chat rooms, cams etc. If I know anything about humanity and psychology is that there will always be these type of people in every community. They are silent and just sit back and watch things. Never saying a word.

I think I’ve stated enough. I hope this was an interesting and insightful read from a member (at the time of posting) with less than a month of time on this site. Ya’ll have fun out there!

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