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9/25/2019 4:15 pm

jolielaide 48F  
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9/25/2019 5:47 pm

idk, lil mermaid, i really don't know. people tend to strike up conversations in random places; grocery store, laundromat, post office, etc. but nothing ever translates all the way over into something more. it used to be you went out on a thurs. or fri. happy hour somewheres fun and always met someone but now idk has happened. and i've never been inspired by tech(nology) to even consider using a dating app.

be grateful you're young. you have plenty of time to try some different things.
you're too young to let this be your worry. the fun will come.

Heathen_G 61M
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9/25/2019 6:06 pm

Are you sure you want to be this site. Supposedly , you're female and 18. That is young for the shit that can happen from this place.

As for how do people meet? People just go outside and meet someone. Nobody needs an app to meet someone. Apps are mostly just for convenience, providing the people using the apps are not chronically shy or fakes.

You being a female will get people to come meet you easily, providing they don't think you're fake or running a scam on them. [And most of the time , "Scam" is what they'll think.]

If you want to meet someone for NSA sex, you will have to approach them [most of the time], and hope they are not chronically shy, or fakes, or time wasters.

The objective is to get them offline , to come meet you somewhere. The first time you have them online , suggest a meeting that very day , or tomorrow. .....Don't waste time chatting online. Set up a meeting someplace very public, maybe with you close friends very nearby to keep an eye on you... and perhaps where someone knows you .

spguy2014 30M
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9/25/2019 6:10 pm

I wish i knew as well. is it so much to ask for a harmless hookup?

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I_willoralu 45M
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9/26/2019 8:36 am

I use this site and then move to kik but I guess if kik is shutting down I will have to find another way

reach me in my blog titled private mail

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