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lonlyforlove2 76M  
2575 posts
8/4/2019 1:11 pm

Thanks for the Sun afternoon laughs, always good to see written smiles..

Luv2bottom4u2 62M  
1441 posts
8/4/2019 1:18 pm

Good ones

WhyNotSee2017 52M  
47 posts
8/4/2019 1:27 pm

Thank you for the laughs!! Those are great! 😂

Tahmid26 33M
20 posts
8/4/2019 1:27 pm

I don't know about that but want to know

biggerdave6766 52M
31 posts
8/4/2019 1:39 pm


ltrskr 71M  
3657 posts
8/4/2019 1:46 pm

Great funnies, Thanks for sharing!

redrockrascal 61M
20572 posts
8/4/2019 1:52 pm


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

myface4fun 39M
15 posts
8/4/2019 2:03 pm

Amazing breasts

pocogato12 67F  
30021 posts
8/4/2019 2:26 pm

THE FWB chimp and the "remove people" really are awesome and the "Remove" I just did to some folks who think TSDS.Great post for Sunday

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Tmptrzz 57F  
66897 posts
8/4/2019 3:13 pm

Great funnies today hun thanks for the giggles, and some of these are so very true too. I hope your enjoying a peaceful day..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

obsession_OiO 62M

8/4/2019 3:21 pm

Thanks for the smiles.

spicybicpl 38M/36F  
43 posts
8/4/2019 3:49 pm

Thank you very much for the silliness...needed that to get me going

Apollorising58 59M  
2929 posts
8/4/2019 5:02 pm

I needed a laugh!

boobwhisperer69 56M
5564 posts
8/4/2019 5:47 pm

Luv the funnies and the bare boobies!!!

scott6250 57M
24438 posts
8/4/2019 6:24 pm

awesome all the way around

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proteus_2a 53M
7680 posts
8/5/2019 4:07 am

You're just fine, my lady !

Cheers - P

CleavageFan4U 62M  
59089 posts
8/5/2019 5:59 am

That just kept getting better and better!

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easyrider4008 63M
1033 posts
8/5/2019 12:06 pm

Thanks for the laugh and the photo.

citizen4722 61M  
64178 posts
8/6/2019 8:59 am

very funny ....although, I was drooling at the last pic

jswish0330 31M
26 posts
8/9/2019 6:17 pm

Really Great Breasts!

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